Frequently Asked Questions


Get answers here to the most frequently asked questions about our bank programs for tax professionals. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, give us a call or send us an email. We believe an educated customer is a RA customer.

Enrollment FAQS

What documents are required for enrollment, ID, and EFIN verification?

What are the acceptable forms of ID?

How do I retrieve the EFIN application summary?

How can I upload documents related to my enrollment application?

Can I sign up now?

Supplies FAQS

What carrier do you use to ship supplies?

How do I Print checks?

How do I print a check for a specific taxpayer, when it’s not under “checks to print”?

Taxpayer Advance Loans FAQS

How do I opt for ERO Advances?

What are the dates for Taxpayer Advances?

What can I offer with In-Season Advances? (former “Marketing fees, Pre-Acknowledgment Loans and In-Season Advances”)

Refund Advantage Programs FAQS

I am building my clientele and want to be able to offer advances, can I do that here?

What is credit and debit card payment processing all about?

Marketing FAQS

Where can I order marketing materials?