Taxpayer Advance Loans FAQs

Q – How do I opt for ERO Advances?

A – Start by logging in to the Direct portal. Then go to the “ERO Loan Products” tab and select the loan you are interested in. 

**Please keep in mind that both Loyalty and the Startup Loan share the same bucket of money.**

If you wish to opt into the Pre-Season Loyalty Program, we recommend starting with the Loyalty option first and then allocating the remainder of the money to the Startup Loan.

IMPORTANT: Once you accept the Startup Loan, your amount option cannot be changed. 


Q – What are the dates for Taxpayer Advances?

A – Pre-ack Advances start January 2, 2024. In-Season Advances will begin after the IRS starts acknowledging tax refunds.


Q – What can I offer with In-Season Advances? (former “Marketing fees, Pre-Acknowledgment Loans and In-Season Advances”)

A – Taxpayer Advance Loans (in-season)

Clients can receive a no-cost advance loan of $250, $500, or $1,000.


Clients looking for higher advance amounts $250 to $6000 can apply for interest-bearing loans representing 25%, 50%, and 75% of their expected tax refund.