Supplies FAQs

Q – What carrier do you use to ship supplies? 

A – After your enrollment is approved, check and card stock will automatically ship in November/December via UPS. 


Q – How do I Print checks?

A – Refer to our Check Print Guide.


Q – How do I print a check for a specific taxpayer, when it’s not under “checks to print”?

A – How to find a previously printed checks: 

  1. Click on “Checks to Print” under the “Tax Tab”. 
  2. Click “Search” and type in the search box the taxpayer’s information 
  3. Click the blue “Search” button below. 

If you’ve input the taxpayer’s information correctly, you should see the check(s) listed below. 

  1. Find the checks that needs reprinting and press “Details” next to the check number. 
  2. A “Check Details” screen will popup. 
  3. Make sure to enter the new check number and then click “Reprint.”