Refund Advantage Programs FAQs

Q – I am building my clientele and want to be able to offer advances, can I do that here?

A – We offer Refund Transfers to Tax Professionals where you can have your tax preparation fees deducted from your clients’ returns. We also offer Taxpayer Advance Loans so, your customers can access funds before a holiday or important. For tax professionals like yourself, we assist with In Season Loans, Fee Assist and, Software Assistance along with RAPAYMENTS, our debit and credit card payment processing solutions.


Q – What is credit and debit card payment processing all about?

A – We have a program for every size tax office, depending on volume. If it’s a low volume office, we have a no monthly fee option with one flat rate. You pay as you go! Our most popular program has a $29.95 monthly fee only assessed from January-May and you can use the service all year. No monthly fees until the end of January 2024!