Enrollment FAQS

Q – What documents are required for enrollment, ID, and EFIN verification?

A – The documentation required for enrollment are as follows: 

  • An EFIN letter or EFIN Application Summary
  • Government Issued ID for anyone listed under the EFIN Owner, Business Owner, or Control Person. 

Note: Pathward reserves the right to collect additional information related to enrollment.


Q – What are the acceptable forms of ID?

A – Accepted forms of ID: State Driver’s License, U.S. Military Driver’s License, State Issued Identification Card, Passport, Mexican Consular ID, Tribal ID Card, Resident Alien Card (Green card, Visa), Voter Registration Card (If photo included), Medicaid/Medicare card (If photo included), and Veran’s ID Card (If photo included). 


Q – How do I retrieve the EFIN application summary?

A – 

  1. Visit www.irs.gov
  2. Click “Tax Pros” on the right-hand side
  3. Click “Access E-Services” in the photo image.
  4. Click “Access SOR” in the bottom right
  5. Have the ERO enter their user credentials and click “Log In” or if need be they will create an account.
  6. Verify image and site phrase, enter password, click “Submit”.
  7. A security code will be sent to the ERO’s phone.
  8. Enter security code from text message.
  9. Verify online security information, click “Continue”. 
  10. Select Organization, click “Submit”.
  11. Select “View/Edit” from blue tool bar.
  12. Click “Print” under the application status to the right.
  13. ERO can print the document to printer or PDF file.
  14. ERO can upload the document to their direct account or email to taxforms@Pathward.com


Q – How can I upload documents related to my enrollment application?

A – You can upload documents through our Direct portal or send via email. 

Direct Portal Document Upload Instructions

Follow the steps outlined below for successful and quick document uploads: 

  1. Login to Direct 
  2. Click the “Document Upload” option on the left side menu 
  3. Click “Add Existing Image” 
  4. Select the file you wish to upload. 
  5. Finally, click send and you’re all set!

*Please note that documents uploaded via Direct should be received right away within our system. 

Email Document Uploads

You can send documents via email to taxforms@pathward.com 


Q – Can I sign up now?

A – Enrollment is open! Head over to our “Enroll Now” page and simply follow the three simple steps to enroll with us.