If you have selected an Electronic Refund Deposit product in connection with filing tax tax return, feel free to inquire of the status of your Electronic Refund Deposit by contacting us on-line, by email or phone  

Please note that we are only able to assist you with the status of your Electronic Refund Deposit.  We are unable to provide information or assistance relating to filing your tax return.  For assistance with the filing or preparation of your tax return, please visit the FAQ section of the web site you used to prepare your tax return.  From there, follow the directions to obtain customer support related to the filing and preparation of your tax return.

Inquire through the Internet:

Visit us online at  www.taxpayerinfo.com

This is the fastest and easiest way to get information on the status of your Electronic Refund Deposit request.

Contact us by Email or Voice:

For additional questions regarding your Electronic Refund Deposit, please contact Refund Advantage by email at  taxpayer@refund-advantage.com, or by telephone at  (502) 429 - 4996

Mailing Information:

Should you wish to contact Refund Advantage by mail, please address all correspondence to us at:

Refund Advantage, PO Box 24462, Louisville, KY 40224