Air Direct



Air Direct is a joke

Air Direct Drones deliver taxpayer refunds safely and securely through the use of lies, deceit, and just a hit of innovation!

I guess you’re all wondering why you’re here. It’s my best guess. Well, my only guess right now. I may have other guesses later, just so you know. Moving along, now, I would ask that your attention be drawn to your “good” hand. Yes. Look at it. What has this hand been through? Have you even really looked at this hand in a while? Thank you, hand. But, the real reason you are here is that you clicked on a joke link in a joke email on the first joke day of the year. (The second being International Joke day on July 1st.) Now you’ve looked at your hand and thought about the fact that you did not know there was an International Joke day before this moment. It has been quite a day, hasn’t it? Yes indeed. Quite a day…


  1. All bets are off
  2. Air Direct is not a product of MetaBank®, N.A., or its affiliates.
  3. These claims have not been approved or even reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. They probably never will be, so please do not hold your breath. Exhale. Good.
  4. Refund Transfers delivered by drone are in no way, shape, or form safe OR secure OR more good. Please use only seriously approved and legal disbursement mechanisms.
  5. Have you reached your April Fool’s Day moment? Refund Advantage will always work to keep a smile on that face of yours. It’s a beautiful face. We think you are pretty.
  6. This offer will expire on March 31, 2023, and will not be redeemed. We will, however, seek vengence.