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Group Services

“Refund Advantage understands the fact that we are partners in our businesses; and, without each other, neither would be successful.”

- J.M., South Carolina

“The people at Refund Advantage are in the relationship business, and that sets them apart from the other banking partners in this industry. They are always kind, courteous, and willing to go the extra mile for our customers.”

- Service Bureau Owner


Service Bureau & Group Solutions

Powerful Solutions for Service Bureaus
Our state-of-the-art technology brings Group Management tools to you. We provide solutions to help you manage the activity of all your offices, from anywhere!

Collect Franchise or Royalty Fees in Addition to Service Bureau Fees

Do you have a Franchise or Royalty fee you need to collect? Refund Advantage is set up to collect these fees on your behalf. We have an advanced reporting system to support you in the reconciliation of the fees being collected. on a daily basis, we can collect fees from your sub-offices...either by a flat rate or a percentage.

Customized Fee & Incentives Structures
Our Account Managers work with you to develop a customized tax refund product program for your marketing approach and an incentive structure to meet your business needs.

Ability to Categorize & Manage Office Groups Within Your Service Bureau
Some Service Bureaus have sub-groups who operate independently, but rely on the SB for support services. These sub-groups can be categorized and managed as independent groups within your Service Bureau. Reports, fees, and security levels can be set and viewed by the sub-group owner; and YOU, as the Service Bureau, can also view the data for all the offices.

Advanced Reporting
Our Advanced Reporting options provide you with information on ALL your offices including office performance, disbursement activity, and revenues. You have access to all this information from anywhere!

  • Create your own reports to print or export.
  • Customize and create personalized reports that YOU need for your business.
  • Monitor the business flow of ALL your offices or one office at a time.

Exclusive Account Manager Assistance
You have one of our experienced Account Managers to rely on, year ‘round. All of our expert Account Managers have years of experience in the industry, and customer service is their main focus! They ensure you have the smoothest tax season possible


Market Analysis for EVERY Location
As a Service Bureau with Refund Advantage, you have the unique access to the volume and performance of all EROs nationwide! This helps you determine which areas and offices to focus on, in order to maximize your sales efforts. In addition, individual offices that sign up under you receive their own Premium Market Analysis for their personal zip code, for
FREE. This is one of our most popular features!

Customized Supply Fulfillment Options
You have options when it comes to the supply fulfillment of your offices. Supplies, check stock, and marketing materials can be sent to each individual office, or the supplies can be
sent to you to manage. YOU decide, WE deliver.

Personalized Checks and Cards
Customize your checks and cards by adding your logo.

Business Building Tools - YOUR Way!
Grow YOUR Service Bureau by customizing the process from beginning to end - YourWAY! Our emphasis is the growth of your service bureau, not a national chain.

  • FREE marketing materials for you to promote your service bureau
  • Personalized client retention cards mailed each year to all your group’s taxpayer clients
  • Online training programs and “How to” guides for your offices