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"I want to take this time to thank you very much for another great season. This year with refund advantage, everything went smoothly just as it does every year. The Refund Advantage postcards helped retain customers and the fee assist and start up capital programs made this season much less stressful... Thank you again for a great tax season."

- R.G. Texas

"Refund Advantage has truly been a pleasure to do business with the last few years. Better than any other company we have used in the past."

- J.F Texas

"I think your services are fantastic and I have never had any issues that were not quickly addressed. Customer Service always been extremely helpful and professional. Thanks for all you do every year to make this busy season a little smoother."

- J.D. Arizona

"This was my first year with Refund Advantage and I was very pleased with the professional service provided! Thank you and look forward to next year.."

- P.K. Texas

"You guys are definitely the best in the industry!!!."

- S.P. Georgia

"Very helpful! Especially, when a clients bank account had been closed, tax return has already been accepted and due to be deposited! Refund Advantage to the rescue..Smile! We appreciate all the assistance and guidance you have provided for both our offices throughout the years! Thanks again!"

- T.B. Indiana

"I am truly a satisfied customer. The fee advance programs for the office, software, etc. has been a life saver for my business. Keeping the fee you guys charge for your service affordable is why I will keep coming back. Thank you."

- G.F. California

"We've tried most all the banks over the years. Yours is the least intrusive into our tax seasons. Easy choice to renew for next year."

- A.G. Florida

"Very pleased with refund Advantage and I would recommend to anyone."

- L.M. Florida

"As a professional tax preparer, I continue to be very pleased with the services you provide me...Include(ing) the insight and updates you regularly provide right on the home page throughout the tax year.Thanks, Refund Advantage..."

- W.S. Georgia

"My experience with Refund Advantage was much more than I expected. I love this bank and will be returning next year and so on."

- A.H. Georgia

"I am very satisifed with the service. I have been using this company for 3 years and I will continue."

- J.B. California

"I have really enjoyed working with this company. It has been smooth sailing ever since I came aboard. Love the customer support and the timely manner in which you guys handle things. Thanks so much!"

- M.D. Tennessee

"Since the time I've been working with you, it's been a pleasant experience. You make it easy to do business. I find your Report(s) very useful. I find your Marketing very helping and useful."

- M.V. Texas

"I truly enjoy using Refund Advantage. As a small business, I have been able to have just a few customers use this option...Refund Advantage accepts that I will not have a large number of customers using this feature and continues to work with me. Thank you, Refund Advantage; It is vendors like you that keep us, small business, on track and ready to serve. You're awesome!."

- M.G. Texas